We believe infinite power and opportunity comes from sharing ideas and learning from one another, both on the individual and national levels. The Italian-American Business Council of Michigan (IABC) has a simple mission: to promote and facilitate the cultural, technological and economic exchange between the Midwest and Italy by cultivating opportunities for individuals, students, businesses and organizations.

IABC also aims to support new Italian companies in establishing their presence in Michigan and to facilitate networking and partnership building for existing Italian businesses. 
IABC originates from Leonardo International, a nonprofit organization that provided resources for the promotion and advancement of Italian science and technology in the United States. We have preserved the spirit of Leonardo International’s mission through Progetto Leonardo, IABC’s technological branch which connects Italian tech companies, talented individuals and students with a broad network of resources and universities in the Midwest.
IABC membership offers the ability to network, meet emerging professionals, access business services, attend local events and seminars, and participate in business conferences. Register for membership benefits today.

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